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CL514 Adjustable size Corbel

Price: 22.40 (Excluding VAT at 20%)
Adjustable wall Width to any size: Height: 300mm (12") Depth to wall: 120mm (4.3/4")

Starting Price = £21.40 for 150mm (6") wide, = 10" overall including top Shelf

Please Read!
Please note: measurement for this (Adjustable Corbel) is ordered knowing the width you require of the body of the corbel, Not the overall width as it extends past by 4" (100mm) more, which is 2" (50mm) each side for shelf area!

i.e. If you were to order a 15" Corbel, it would arrive 15"+4" Total =19" as the Shelf total 4"(100mm or 2" (50mm) each side
If you have a recessed area for where a Corbel is to be fit into, say 20" maximum gap! order a 16"Corbel as it would include a the top shelf of 4" making overall = 20"

"please choose"

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