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Match My Plaster

Finding a Cornice or Coving Moulding to match your existing plasterwork can be very difficult, especially if you not using the correct terms or names recognised by the industry, we try to keep things simple.

UK Plaster offer a matching service is here and is Free

Cost of Matching Cornice

The cost of matching existing Cornice may vary greatly depending on how best to construct the section/shape in the first instance. some made on our bench or run on Site (in-situ)

Guide Price. When matching existing cornice the cost of a running mould generally will average approximately £350 to make, then to cast each section on average £30 – £60

Most loacl good tradesman can fix, we do have our own fixers when available at an average cost of £280 per day to install. For example, so typical price will be around £350/£400 to make your mould & reproduce it. We Deliver all around the UK.

We always recommend using a good tradesman to ensure you get a high standard

We openly state our trade prices on this Site unlike other Companies which can charge £1000s !!.

Send us an image

Damaged cornice? just click below to send us any amounts of photos direct from your PC or Smart Phone


If you are wanting a plaster moulding or cornice reproduced which has been discountinued or is bespoke, why not have us make a Cast, you have an exact replica to use in your project.

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