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Cost of Cornice

The cost of running plaster Cornice to match existing will varriy with the details of construction & the shape/size of the work. The Cornice can be run on Site (in-situ) or made on a bench then taken to site to be fitted.

Cornice can be supply only at between £40 – £50 per 3 metre length and fibrous fixers are available at a cost of £25 per hour to install and fix.

When matching an existing cornice the cost will be approximately £350 to make a reverse mould, £50 – £60 per cast and then £30 per hour for fibrous fixing. For example, typical would cost around £600 matched & supplied. fitting on Site would be approx £300.00

For large decorative ornamental work these costs can vary significantly.

We would always recommend that plaster Cornice is supplied and fixed as it is essential that the cornice is fitted to a very high standard.

Match My Plaster

Finding plaster Cornice or Mouldings to match your existing plasterwork can be very difficult, especially if you not using the correct terms or names recognised by the industry.

UK Plaster offer a matching service
Please, Please Re-name your File/photo (WITH YOUR) Telephone Number ! OR email address.

rie: 012345 6789 OR abcd@hotmail.com so we can contact you!>!!

Send us an image

Advice needed straight away!!, Damaged cornice or Plasterwork, just click below to send us a photo from your pc

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If your plaster moulding or cornice has been discountinued or is a bespoke design, why not have us make a reverse plaster mould so you have an exact replica to use in your project.

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