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Cornice Range fitted

Pictures of our Cornice with links to Products on Site

CN160 Cornice

Cornice Chorley Run CN160
Ceiling 152mm x Wall 83mm

Below: CN113

Cornice_Hotel Run Small CN113

Ceiling 85mm x Wall 100mm & PM16 Width =39mm x Depth =16mm

Below: CN186 Greek Key Cornice

Cornice Greek-Key CN186
Ceiling 80mm x Wall 200mm

CN184 London Curve (S)

Cornice_London Curve CN184
Ceiling 195mm x Wall 120mm. Additonal request made for Curve (Run in Situ)

CN178 Classic Curve

Cornice_Classic CurveCN178
Ceiling 263mm x Wall 137mm

New but Available *Not in main Brochure*

Mould just finished Jan 2020

New CN199 Victorian

Cornice Victorian CN199
250mm x Wall profile 201mm

Plain Universal Coving CN200

Cornice Universal Coving CN200
Profile 190mm x 185mm *Mould Made 21.01.2020

CN190 (New)

Ceiling 210mm x Wall 160mm

CN193 Art Nouveau Large


Profile 290mm x 235mm


Profile 150mm x profile 140mm