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Plaster Cornice & Moulding Fitting Instructions

Plaster Cornice & Moulding Fitting Instructions
Download pdf: Fitting Instructions Cornice
Sample of Cornice

Sample of Cornice

Price: 10.00 (Excluding VAT at 20%)

Plaster Cornice from UK Plaster

At UK Plaster we have one of the largest ranges in the UK of Cornice. We pride ourselves on the top quality of our products, all of our products are hand made with the greatest of details gone into our work. Our plaster coving products are all manufactured in our own until and shipped all around the world.

The styles of Cornice that we stock ranges from Edwardian Cornice, Victorian Cornice, Plain, Classic, Cornice, Ornamental and Decorative. If you cannot find the style you are looking for or are trying to match up an existing cornice then make sure that your take a look at our plaster matching service where we can guarantee to be able to re-create any existing plaster coving for you at a great price.

All Cornice is approximate 3m in length
If you have any questions regarding Plaster Cornice then please contact us.

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