How people view us craftsman now!

Think first! Work ethics over the years seem to pays little reward from people which don’t value English heritage skills any longer. Example A giant ship’s engine broke down and no one could repair it, so they took it to a Mechanical Engineer with over 40 years of experience. He inspected the engine very carefully, […]

Cleaning and re-modeling 1800s section

A Picture paints a thousand words, this was re-sculptured from an original in a property which was in very poor condition, even after removing all the paint, so we remodelled it, before making a mould. Here you can see a short Vid and some pics of what we did below. The pattern match was around […]

Simple way to trace a profile of Cornice

Helping you Cornice match-up Service Into to help you understand the history. Matching Cornice in older type properties, is normally impossible mainly due to it being Ran in-situ, normally when the property was first built, we can help you get a template made up so it can be used to match up, regardless of who […]

New Manufacturing Unit

As well as updating our New WebSite We also worked hard to build more new Products to the point of needing a larger manufacturing Unit for the increased manufacturing. We moved into our New Unit *its Only 20ft* away from the original building, so easy to find This is a glimpse of our new Industrial […]

New for 2021

We have over 80 new moulds this year made, after we moved to the larger Premises New one Aug 21 The below Cornice was remastered based on an original, we liked so made a Glass fibre mould, short on the wall long on the ceiling The sharpest Small Georgian Run: CN103, below. We made a […]

Cornice Range fitted

Pictures of our Cornice with links to Products on Site CN160 Cornice Cornice Chorley Run CN160 Below: CN113 Cornice_Hotel Run Small CN113 Panel_Moulding_Art_Nouveau_P16 Below: CN186 Greek Key Cornice Cornice Greek-Key CN186 CN184 London Curve (S) Cornice_London Curve CN184 CN178 Classic Curve Cornice_Classic CurveCN178 New but Available *Not in main Brochure* New CN199 Victorian Cornice Victorian […]

Making Silicon/Jacket mould

Remember your mould, at most, will only be as good as the Master you are to create from. So if you want to do it proper, try not to take a Cast from an item which is in poor condition like we had below! lets look at this item in situ, we need to reproduce, […]

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