Simple way to trace a profile of Cornice

Helping you To help match a Cornice which was Ran in-situ, normally when the property was first built, we help you get a template made, We help regardless of using our services, as we have done for many years. First, some background to help you understand why you cannot find a match for the Cornice […]

New for 2020

We have 2 new moulds made each week, this is prior to our move to larger premises March/April 2020 The below Cornice has been mastered based on an original we liked it so much we made a polyester mould of it, short profile on the wall then longer on the ceiling line, looks Fab! The […]

Cornice Range fitted

Pictures of our Cornice with links to Products on Site CN160 Cornice Cornice Chorley Run CN160 CN113 Cornice_Hotel Run Small CN113 Panel_Moulding_Art_Nouveau_P16 CN186 Greek Key Cornice Cornice Greek-Key CN186 CN184 London Curve (S) Cornice_London Curve CN184 CN178 Classic Curve Cornice_Classic CurveCN178 New but Available *Not in main Brochure* New CN199 Victorian Cornice Victorian CN199 Plain […]

Making Silicon/Jacket mould

Remember your mould, at most, will only be as good as the Master you are to create from. So if you want to do it proper, try not to take a Cast from an item which is in poor condition like we had below! lets look at this item in situ, we need to reproduce, […]