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New for 2021

We have over 80 new moulds this year made, after we moved to the larger Premises

New one Aug 21

3 Customers have been waiting for this, its now one of our best sellers

The below Cornice was remastered based on an original, we liked so made a Glass fibre mould, short on the wall long on the ceiling

WE have buyers queueing up for this one, proving we should have mad one like this a long time ago

The sharpest Small Georgian Run: CN103, below.

We made a new mould for this because we sold so much of it

People cant seem to find a small moulding for their new property, ideal for lower ceilings of say around 8ft 6in, so clean looking suites Modern and traditional Properties

Since 1986 we Sold thousands, so made another Crisp New mould of CN109

CN109 the mould for this, we first made around 30 years ago, so we have just re-ran it and made a new one, after supplying thousands of lengths, its again so nice to cast from it, I will try to so the old mould so you can see how tired looking it is compared to our new mould

We have a name for this now CN204 it’s on our Site, but we just call it “The Big One”

CN The Big One

New Range of Wall Panels on our Site: under Panel Moulds

One of 10 different Styles

Designing a New Panel

More Pics

4 together makes this style
Two days fitting of new design from CAD to fitting
Near to finishing

made it as we were matching this up in a property

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